Her Pleasant Word 4 Week Devotional | ebook

How to heal your home starting with your words!

In 4-weeks I'll teach you Bible based strategies for controlling your emotions and words.

Have you become the wife or mother you never wanted to be? Are you often riddled with guilt after lashing out at your husband or children? If so this 4 - week self paced devotional, Her Pleasant Words will help. Each chapter was written as a result of me overcoming my destructive communication habits.

Who is this book for?

- Women who struggle with a destructive communication style.

- Women who want to get to the root of their anger.

- Women who want to create practical and intentional actions to become more Christ-like in their communication.

Why this book will help?

- Throughout the devotional, you will see what the Bible says about your communication style and what God's plan is to help you change.

- There are Bible based prayers for you to pray individually and with your family as you work on becoming more like Christ in this area.

- It will help you zero in on the topics and situations that trigger your anger and implement strategies to address them.

If you're ready to learn Bible based strategies for controlling your emotions and words, click the "buy now" button.

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