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Preparing for the Pitch {BUNDLE}

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USD 127.00

One of the easiest pitches to do is a reply pitch. When someone reaches out to you about their product or client, that's your opening to sell yourself. But what about cold pitching a brand you'd love to work with?

The big issue most have with pitching themselves is they don't;

* (1) know what they have to offer

* (2) know what brands want

* (3) know how much to ask for

* (4) know how to ask for the money based on fear

I can help you with that. This 4-class workshop on pitching will provide answers to these questions and give you the strategies to begin pitching for paid partnerships.

In the 4-classes you'll figure out:

* (1) what you have to offer

* (2) what brands look for in your pitch

* (3) how much to ask for based on your brand reach & experience

* (4) through becoming more knowledgeable about your worth, gain the courage to ask for the money

What Customers Are Saying:

"I took Saidah' s pitching class. It was the best thing I could have done. She gave us so much information and helped us with any questions we had. I have been pitching so many companies with a newfound confidence to do so. I was so nervous to pitch companies prior to taking her class. I just didn't know how to correctly go about it. It was the main reason in taking her class. I am so happy I did and do not regret it one bit. I am saving up to take purchase her blog audit next".

Ashlea Myrthil


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