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LIVE to LOOT Masterclass : How to monetize your live streams

How to turn your livestreams into a payday.

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USD 67.00

Could you use an extra $100 or more every time your livestream for an hour or two?

Livestreams can help you do just that plus they can help you grow your authority, and your customer base.

I monetize my live streams with digital products/services and coaching. In my livestreams I tailor products to meet the needs of my audience based on the topic.

I am going to tell you exactly how I got started and made my first $179 in sales from a 1 hour livestream.

What will be covered in the Live to Loot Masterclass.

🎉How to decide what livestreams to monetize.

🎉What should be a FREE livestream and what you should charge for.

🎉How to decide what to sell on your Livestreams.

🎉Planning ahead for your sale.

🎉Incorporating your sales pitch into your live stream

🎉The purpose of the live stream

🎉How to give value in your livestreams without giving away too much for free.

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